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Vapor Empyre is a locally owned and operated Vapor shop. We sell retail and have a vapor tasting bar. Established March 1, 2014.

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From basic kits, to top of the line regulated devices, we strive to stay current with the ever changing landscape that is vaping. If we don’t have it, we can get it. We also strive to stay competitive with our pricing!

Knowledgable Staff

Our first store opened in March of 2014, and we have all learned a lot since then. From building coils to helping newbies understand ohms law, we do our best to have all the answers to your questions, and if we don’t know, we will research until we do. We believe that a well informed client base is vital to a healthy vaping community.

Dependable Assistance

When you buy from us, you can expect a high level of after-sale customer service. We do our best to take care of our people. If you ever have an issue with a device, or need help repairing the aftermath of an accident, please let us help. We pride ourselves on customer service. It is, what we believe, what makes our shops so successful.

Locally Owned Shop

We have two locations in middle Tennessee to serve your needs. We stock some premium lines of e-liquid along with a wide variety of locally made e-liquid. We also boast pretty impressive tasting stations, so swing by and try some!

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Vapor Empyre first opened in White House in March of 2013 by John and Misty Klahn. After years of struggling to quit smoking, John was able to put down his 15 year habit with vaping. While the local stores offerings helped him get off of cigarettes, he noticed the stores themselves could be a lot more. The customer service and selections were lacking, so he decided to take the plunge and open his own shop. Years later, the shop’s clientele continues to grow along with the number of former smokers. Our goals are to simply help others kick habits that are known to kill, with a less harmful alternative. We strive every day to offer quality products backed by incredible customer service.

Our Stocked Brands

Fog Boss
Vapor Beast
American E-Vape
Phillip Rocke
Uncle Junk's
King Klahn
Five Pawns

Happy Customers & Trusted Brands

Our Team

John Klahn

John is a former smoker who talked his wife into this venture in December of 2013. He made the switch from smoking to vaping on October 10, 2013, and hasn't looked back.

Misty Klahn

Misty reluctantly agreed with John's hair brained "Vape shop" scheme and has helped every step of the way. Swing in and check out Mimi's Boutique in our shop. It's where she puts various items that she makes for sale. She is an elementary school teacher and a mother of two boys.

Elvis Benji "Vaping Jesus"

Benji runs the store weekdays. Benji and John have been friends since Voltron and the original Transformers. He enjoys walks on the beach, but at night. His other hobbies include making music, art, and feeding the turbo on his Subie.

Jason Fuston
Owner, Old Hickory

Jason has been in the vape game longer than John. Some would call him an OG. Jason opened his beautiful store in December of 2015, and has been smoke free for years. He enjoys riding his Harley, watching his daughter, Savannah, play softball, and walks on the beach.